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To help us achieve our mission of protecting & expanding bike access to off-road trails in the Fredericksburg area.
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Quarry trails are OPEN.

Trails are open and in good condition.  Heavy morning dew and slow drying can cause some surfaces of TTF's (especially roots and logs) to be slick so stay alert.  A large tree is down on Owl Loop..

Have something to report? Please send an updates to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post on our Facebook page.  Thanks, FATMUG.


Last Updated (Monday, 29 September 2014 07:41)


Our Fall, 2014 trailwork calendar is currently being built but in the meantime, Cameron has signed up to lead the continuing effort to push Naysayer all the way through to the end.  It's getting soooo close!  He'll be at the Sunshine ball field gates this Sunday, October 5th at 10am.  Please consider donating a little time and elbow grease to knock this thing out.


Storm water run-off from the Old Quarry Road has been flowing onto Scout trail with enough volume and velocity to undo the hard work of so many volunteers. Exposed geotextile fabric and large ruts where Scout trail meets the gravel road are clear evidence of the problem. Recognizing the need for a fix but also recognizing FATMUG lacks the resources to fix the problem, we've been talking to the Fredericksburg Public Works Department about a solution. On September 4th  we received the following notification:

"The Public Works Department is tentatively scheduling repairs to the quarry access road on September 22 and 23, weather permitting. This is the gravel access road off the end of Wicklow Drive. Road grading will be performed in various locations and some repair work will be done at a creek crossing, assuming permit issues are cleared. 

During the roadwork activity, there may be times during the work day when the access road will be temporarily closed to traffic to facilitate equipment working on the roadway. The road is anticipated to be reopened at the end of each work day."

This is great news not only because it offers a solution to the problem but because it also demonstrates that the City recognizes both the hard work of volunteers and the value of a great off-road trail network.

Please try to plan your trail use around the dates so as not to interrupt the City's work.



We were contacted in early September by an engineering firm who is working with VDOT to conduct an environmental assessment of potential impacts to social and environmental factors that may occur as a result of proposed improvements to the Interstate 95 corridor in the Fredericksburg area.  See the following map and letter for background.  Hopefully by letting VDOT know where our trails are and how much we value them, the trails will be spared during future construction/expansion of roadways. Thanks to Rob Maple for helping send these folks trail location data.

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FATMUG's annual Board of Directors meeting was held on September 15th.  We welcome back to the Board Jay Dunn, Jason Syverson and Shaun Melendy.  Congratulations (and thank you for volunteering) to newly installed officers Jason - Secretary and Shaun - Treasurer.



We are extremely pleased to announce the City of Fredericksburg has approved our proposal to build an approximate twelve mile, stacked-loop, mountain bike specific, trail system on the land around the Motts Run Reservoir!  This opportunity to double the amount of high quality single track in the immediate Fredericksburg area has us super stoked and we hope you share that feeling.  We are planning to break ground on this project in November.  Specific dates and times will be posted soon.



Andrew Thorpe created this detailed "Courtland Trails" Booklet. So if you run, bike walk the trails near Courtland or just a little curious about it please check it out.  Courtland Booklet





If you’ve tried to get to the Quarry Trails recently then you’ve no doubt seen the impacts of the Fall Hill bridge widening project.  Entering the trails from Fall Hill Ave now not only requires passing through a hard hat area but it also requires skirting the edge of a huge crater opening up to the canal and then hopping a construction fence.  Not exactly the best situation.  We spoke to the folks at the City about the problem and they suggested that anyone wanting to access the Quarry trails while the bridge project is underway use Wicklow drive instead of the old entry point beside the FOR/VOC building.

Starting immediately and continuing for at least the next few months, please do not use the old access point to the Quarry trails (the gated gravel road between FOR and the canal).  Instead please park at the end of Wicklow drive just OUTSIDE of the Sunshine Baseball fields parking lot.  Do not park in the lot.  If you do and the park closes, you may get locked in so please park on the road outside of the ball field gates.  The Fredericksburg Police Department has also been notified that the City would like trail using folks to park in that area so as long as you obey posted signs, you should not need to worry about getting towed.  The kiosk with the trails OPEN/CLOSED sign will soon be moved up to this new location as well.

Need directions to this new access point?  Just search on “1200 Wicklow Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22401”.  Once you arrive at the ballpark, just ride/walk/hike into the entrance of the baseball field parking area and then down the gravel road (it’s okay to go around the gate) to the trails.

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