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Community Give

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ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!  The Community Give is a 24 hour on-line day of giving to benefit local non-profits. Donations from individuals and company's are our sole source of income.  If you haven't given back to the trails you use this year, now is a great time.  100% of your donations go back into the trail in the form of tool repair/replacement, bridge installation, equipment rental, erosion control materials, insurance to cover volunteers, educational outreach and more.  Mark your calendar for May 3rd and help us maintain that feeling of freedom, excitement, tranquility and love that you get on the trails.



Tuesdayday, May 3rd 2016

TRAILS STATUS: Mott's Run Reservoir mountain bike trails & Fredericksburg Quarry Trails are OPEN.  Precipitation totals have remained low the last 48 hours. More rain is in the forecast so check back for updates. Slow down on curves and slopes to prevent tearing up trail surface.


*Mott's Run closes at 7pm (April->October; closed Tues/Wed). Park users may park outside the gate and access the mountain bike trails if they think they may not make it back by closing time or if accessing during November->March when the rest of the park is closed. (Do not block gate). Periodically, Mott's Run may close early due to inclement weather,  so please keep this in mind. FATMUG does not manage the hiking trails.  Thanks for your cooperation.


If you have an update or if this trail status seems incorrect please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To learn more about the trail status indicator sign on the trailhead kiosk click "read more..." below.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 05:55)

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We are extremely pleased to announce the City of Fredericksburg has approved our proposal to build an approximate twelve mile, stacked-loop, mountain bike specific, trail system on the land around the Motts Run Reservoir! We have begun construction and we will be starting on the second Saturday of every month to hold a larger trail workday/event for any volunteers that want to come. We will have food, drinks, music provided :) For any other trail work days of course see the event calendar below.








1. Maintain the integrity of existing trails.

2. Identify areas for improvement on existing trails and execute sound practices to reduce impact on surrounding environment.

3. Design and construct trails to minimize both risk of user harm and environmental impact from all reasonably anticipated trail use for life of trail.

4. Solicit guidance from local historians to design, construct and/or modify trails that provide low impact access to cultural and historical features and landmarks.

5. Repair trail damage resulting from severe weather events, fallen trees, debris and improper trail use (ex. muddy surface riding, unauthorized re-routes, etc.).

6. Educate trail users, especially cyclists, on proper trail use etiquette.

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