Mott's Run Reservoir mountain bike trails & Fredericksburg Quarry trails are OPEN.

Make it your mission to kick some sticks out of the way; it's simple & it will help out our trail crew. Report any downed trees/updates to us at info@fatmug.org. Go have fun!

Those leaves will be extra slick. Riders, please slow and try to stay vertical on curves. Runners, beware that you don't tear something doing a leafy split.


Hunting occurs on the private properties which the quarry trails reside on. FATMUG is not always made aware of hunting activities which may occur. Therefore, you MUST wear blaze orange or fluorescent colors while on the trails during hunting season. Failure to do so may get yourself killed. No hunting occurs at Mott's Run Reservoir.

For more details PLEASE VISIT VDGIF

Contact us atinfo@fatmug.org


Trail maintenance occurs the second Saturday of each month We hit the trails at 9am and usually keep busy until 12pm