About US

We are mountain bikers, runners hikers and people who like area the trails.

Our Goals

1. Maintain the integrity of existing trails.

2. Identify areas for improvement on existing trails and execute sound practices to reduce impact on surrounding environment.

3. Design and construct trails to minimize both risk of user harm and environmental impact from all reasonably anticipated trail use for life of trail.

4. Solicit guidance from local historians to design, construct and/or modify trails that provide low impact access to cultural and historical features and landmarks.

5. Repair trail damage resulting from severe weather events, fallen trees, debris and improper trail use (ex. muddy surface riding, unauthorized re-routes, etc.).

6. Educate trail users, especially cyclists, on proper trail use etiquette.

7. Offer educational skills development events (group rides) that will appeal to a wide breadth of users and simultaneously nurture a growing base of respectful land users.

8. Provide terrain opportunities for all skill levels of users.

9. Develop strong working relationships with land managers, various user groups, and local municipalities.

10. Anticipate and prevent conflict between user groups by considerate trail design and by providing an open forum for discussion.

11. Control user access during periods of sensitive conditions (ex. saturated ground).

12. Collaborate with various public and private entities to encourage outdoor recreation.

The multi-use trail network located along the southern shore of the Rappahannock River, bordered on the downstream end by the Rappahannock canal and on the upstream end by the Acierno property line, shall be known as the "Quarry Trails". The efforts of FATMUG will be exclusively dedicated to the Quarry Trails until such a time that the organization determines that its resources are sufficient to expand responsibility.

Our Mission Statement:

To protect and expand bicycle access to off-road trails in the Fredericksburg, VA area through communication, education, advocacy, and trail work.